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Spring 2013 Late Start Class List

*This list is not real time and may not reflect changes to our Schedule of Classes that have taken place after 02/01/13. For the most up to date information, please view the online Schedule of Classes at MySolano.

*Registration into the classes below is subject to the same guidelines as all SCC classes. Therefore, be sure to check for prerequisites, time conflicts, assessment test requirements and all other course related guidelines in the online Schedule of Classes for additional important information.

*Adding late start classes may be performed up to the census date of the class, provided there is still space in the class, with an add code obtained from the course professor.

*See instructor for course census date.

^ If the course is a late start course AND an Open Entry/Open Exit course, students may add through 75% of the duration of the class with an add code.

Spring 2013 Late Start Class List