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SCC Aeronautics Program Partners with Delta Airlines

Solano Community College has been selected as one of 38 Aircraft Maintenance Technician schools in the country that will partner with Delta Airlines! This partnership will benefit Solano’s students by gaining Delta as a resource for continuous improvement of the AMT program, and will broaden access to the benefits of AMT careers available within the global aviation industry.

SCC Biomanufacturing Baccalaureate Approved

You can now earn your four-year degree at Solano Community College!

Courses begin Fall, 2017 (Enrollment begins Spring, 2017)

Biomanufacturing means growing living cells (bacterial, yeast, and animal cells) in large tanks called bioreactors and inducing them to produce a protein that serves as a medicine.Biomanufacturing at SCC, picture of bioreactor. That protein then must be separated from other cellular components and purified by using techniques that exploit its properties to isolate it away from other cellular proteins. Then technicians use analytical techniques to prove the purity of the isolated protein. In the future Biomanufacturing will be expanded to include the industrial production of biofuels, biomaterials, stem cells, and other products currently manufactured using chemical rather than biological techniques. Solano Community College is exploring the addition of these elements to its program.

This table represents the sequence of course offerings for the first cohort that will begin the degree program in Fall 2017. Currently each course is actively being taken through the Solano College Academic Senate’s curriculum approval process. Equipment has been purchased for the laboratory courses and faculty are designing the laboratory learning modules.

Biomanufacturing classes at SCC, picture of class list

Awards for Solano Community College Students

Staff, faculty, Board of Trustees members, students and donors gathered Oct. 4 at the Vacaville Center to honor Solano Community College’s 2016 scholarship recipients. By the end of the evening, $142,600 and 156 scholarships had been awarded to 95 students.

The 44th Annual Scholarship Awards Presentation was sponsored by the Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors and the Educational Foundation Board of Directors. The crowd was welcomed by SCC Superintendent-President Dr. Celia Esposito-Noy and SCC Scholarship Foundation President Barbara Pavao. Scholarships were awarded to students in a variety of academic and technical fields, including nursing, mathematics, journalism, and biotechnology, among many others.

Please view the excerpt from Inside Solano, October 10, 2016.
Scholarship Awards

Typhoon Haiyan Donations

Typhoon Haiyan Donation Bins from Asian/Pacific Islander Club

Drop-In Tutoring Now Available for Math and English at the Vacaville and Vallejo Centers

Specific daytime hours posted at the front desk and outside the learning labs on each campus where drop-in tutoring takes place. No appointments needed. For more information, stop by the main campus Tutoring Center located in the Student Services Building 400 Rooms 437/438.

The Tutoring Center services are FREE and open to all students enrolled in the course for which assistance is requested. Peer tutoring is available for most courses offered at SCC.

Vacaville Center Drop-In Tutoring for Math and English

Vallejo Center Drop-In Tutoring for Math and English