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Public Statement Regarding the Civil Grand Jury Report

The Solano Community College District (SCCD) Governing Board and District staff have received copies of the Civil Grand Jury’s reports relating to the District’s Measure Q bond.

The District appreciates the extensive efforts of this Grand Jury, by law a “group of ordinary citizens,” to review the presentation and operations of the Measure Q bond program. The District also takes very seriously the information developed by the Grand Jury and will respond, in writing, to the findings and recommendations by the September dates set by law.

Governing Board President A. Marie Young stated that, “After receiving these reports, we directed staff to review and report back on the findings and recommendations, and on the factual and legal statements in the reports, for review by the Board in a public forum. The District takes its responsibilities to the public and all stakeholders very seriously, and we look forward to continuing to make Measure Q successful in the support of transforming student lives.”

SCCD Interim Superintendent-President Stan Arterberry stated that, “Our College will continue to follow its approved facilities plan.” He further stated that, “Our primary purpose at SCC is always to focus on student success.”

The Board will hear a preliminary report on the findings related to the bond election at the July 15th Governing Board meeting, and a preliminary report on the findings related to the CBOC at the August 5th Governing Board meeting.

This constitutes the entirety of the District’s response at this time as this is an ongoing legal matter.

Solano Community College Awarded $100,000 Grant from the Foundation for Community Colleges

Solano Community College has been awarded the California Community College Linked Learning Work-Based Learning Program grant. The grant, provided by the Foundation for California Community Colleges, was awarded based on a proposed work-based learning program for grades 9-12 and SCC students for automotive occupations, culminating in internships with large dealers for SCC and Los Medanos Community College students. Deborah Mann, Director of Workforce Development Grants, stated, “We are very excited about the opportunity this grant affords our community, our students and our automotive employers. We will be working with high school and college students to help them gain the skills our employers need in their workforce. This program will be a win for all participants.”

She further added, “California community colleges have been asked to work regionally and to prepare students for jobs with the skills that industry says they must have in their employees. We have been asked to spend tax payer funds wisely and with intent to assure that students get jobs in the area in which they trained, and that employers have the highly skilled workers they need. This grant successfully addresses all of these goals.”

There were several individuals who contributed to the preparation and submission of the grant application, including Jerry Bernstein, Deputy Sector Navigator for Advanced Transportation and Renewables, Eileen Amick, Administrative Assistant, Laura Convento, Business Operations Coordinator and Paul Hidy, SCC Automotive faculty.

For more information, contact Deborah Mann at or (707)864-7195.

Solano College Awarded $622,715 STEM Scholarship Grant by the National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation (NSF), the nation’s premier agency that sponsors STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) research and education activities in colleges and universities across the country, has granted Solano Community College $622,715 to award 165 scholarships to “academically talented and financially needy” students over a five-year period. Dr. Jowel Laguerre, the outgoing Superintendent-President of SCC was pleased, stating “I am happy that SCC received the grant. This is the second time within one year that we received an NSF grant. I’d like to express my sincere appreciation to Professors Genele Roads, Chuck Spillner, and Zhen Chen, Drs. Jose Ballesteros and John Yu, Cynthia Garcia, Peter Cammish, Pei-Lin Van’t Hul and others who were involved.”

Professor Genele Rhoads, the Director of the project and the President of the Solano County Mathematics Education Association stated, “The 2+1 STEM scholarship grant from the National Science Foundation provides a wonderful opportunity for Solano Community College to support academically talented students who want to study and work in a STEM field; especially students who may be the first in their family to attend college or have difficulty paying for college. In addition to financial support, the program includes counseling and mentoring and provides opportunities for tutoring, internships, and special projects.”

Dr. Leslie Minor, Vice President of Academic Affairs, added “We are very excited to see our deserving STEM students be rewarded for their hard work with these scholarships. We look forward to seeing great things from them in the future.”

Dr. John Yu, the Dean for the School of Math and Science and a former NSF program director, credited Dr. Laguerre’s leadership and the great STEM programs at SCC for helping to secure the grant. “The chance of receiving an NSF STEM scholarship grant is about 10 to 15% and it is a very competitive process.” he said.

The grant will award 25 to 35 scholarships per year to students in Astronomy, Biology, Biotech, Chemistry, CADD, Computer Science, Engineering, Geology/Geography, Horticulture, Mathematics, Physics, Surveying, and Water/Waste Water Treatment. If these students transfer to a four-your institution in a STEM major, they will be awarded an additional year to continue their study at that institution. The scholarship support will average $3,000 per year per student.

The Director of the project is Genele Rhoads and the Co-Directors are Jose Ballesteros, Chuck Spillner, Zhen Chen and John Yu. The evaluators for the project are Peter Cammish and Pei-Lin Van’t Hul. Many SCC staff contributed to the success of the NSF Proposal. They include Shirley Lewis, Maire Morinec, Diane White, Robin Darcangelo, Curt Johnston, Yashica Crawford, Patrick Killingworth and Yulian Ligioso.

For more information, contact Dr. John Yu, Dean of Math and Sciences, at or 707.864-7110

Laguerre named Chancellor of Peralta Community College District; Arterberry named Interim Superintendent-President of SCC

Dr. Jowel C. Laguerre, Superintendent-President of Solano Community College, has been appointed Chancellor of the Peralta Community College District. The Peralta Board of Trustees approved his appointment and employment agreement at their meeting held on June 23rd. As Chancellor, Dr. Laguerre will oversee Berkeley City College, College of Alameda, Laney College and Merritt College.

Dr. Laguerre began his term as Superintendent-President of Solano in 2009. During his tenure, he was responsible for ushering the College to full accreditation, and worked to reestablish it as a leader in providing educational opportunities for students. He led the College in a bond campaign to raise $348M for new construction, facilities renovation, technology upgrades and a new Veterans Center. Dr. Laguerre is one of the founders of the Solano County Education Initiative (SCEI) which helps to coordinate activities among different organizations serving the young people of Solano County as well as the Vallejo Education and Business Alliance (VEBA). He partnered with Sonoma State University to offer bachelor’s degrees at SCC. This year, he led SCCs efforts in being awarded an opportunity to offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomanufacturing, which will be offered at the forthcoming biotechnology and science building at the Vacaville Center location. He also led the efforts to bring the Andrew Young Global Institute to the Vallejo Center.

The Solano Community College Board of Trustees appointed Mr. Stan Arterberry, Chancellor Emeritus of West-Valley Mission Community College District, as the Interim Superintendent-President at a special meeting held on June 24th. Prior to his tenure at West-Valley Mission, Mr. Arterberry served as Superintendent-President of Solano Community College (1994-2002) and President of Merritt College (1993-1994). He brings a wealth of knowledge and experiences, previously serving as a professor of sociology and dean. He is currently a Senior Consultant with Ralph Anderson & Associates. Mr. Arterberry has a Masters of Arts in Sociology from Atlanta University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Whittier College. He also holds a certificate in Management from the Harvard University Institute for Educational Management.

Board of Trustees President A. Marie Young stated, “Dr. Jowel Laguerre has been a visionary and an advocate for Solano Community College District on local, state, regional, national, and international levels. On behalf of the Governing Board, we accept his resignation and respect his decision to move to a higher position in community college administration by accepting the position as Chancellor of Peralta Community College District. We will be losing his visionary and transformational leadership. Solano Community College District has grown in many ways since the arrival of Dr. Laguerre in 2009. We are going to miss his forward thinking which has led to transforming students’ lives. The trustees welcome Mr. Stan Arterberry as our interim Superintendent-President, and our search for hiring a new Superintendent-President for Solano College will start soon.”

Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI)

Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI)

The goal of this initiative is to help advance colleges’ institutional effectiveness and in the process, significantly reduce the number of accreditation sanctions and audit issues, and most importantly, enhance the system’s ability to effectively serve students. An important focus of the grant is to draw on the exceptional expertise and innovation from within the system in advancing best practices and avoiding potential pitfalls.

There are 3 major components of the IEPI:
1. Technical Assistance Teams – Solano Community College is proud to participate in the pilot phase of this program. Technical Assistance Teams are comprised of experts from community colleges and professional organizations that assist colleges with identifying solutions to challenges that may affect audit findings. SCC’s first visit from the Technical Assistance Team took place on May 26th 2015 with 2 additional visits forthcoming.

2. Enhance Professional Development Opportunities: An online clearinghouse will be developed that will include effective practices and pitfalls to avoid related to accreditation and audit issues.

3. Development of a Statewide Indicator System – Colleges will submit data related to student performance and outcomes, accreditation status and fiscal viability.

Background of Statewide Indicator System: Recently enacted legislation established a new system of indicators and goals that is intended to encourage improvement in institutional effectiveness at California community colleges. Pursuant to Education Code section 84754.6, the Board of Governors (BOG) adopted a goals framework at its March 16, 2015 meeting to measure the ongoing condition of a community college’s operational environment. This statute also requires that, as a condition of receipt of Student Success and Support Program funds, each college develop, adopt and post a goals framework that addresses, at a minimum, the following four areas: student performance and outcomes, accreditation status, fiscal viability, and programmatic compliance with state and federal guidelines. In addition, it requires that the Chancellor post by June 30, 2015, and before each fiscal year thereafter, the annually developed system wide goals adopted by the BOG, and locally developed and adopted college/district goals.

Adopting Framework and Goals: Solano Community College adopted goals for each of the three areas identified below within established Shared Governance processes and with approval by the Board of Trustees on June 3, 2015.

1. Student performance and outcomes
- Completion Rate
- Remedial Rate
- Career Technical Education Rate
- Successful Course Completion
- Completion of Degrees
- Completion of Certificates
- Number of Students who Transfer to 4-Year Institutions, including CSU, UC, or Private Universities in 2013-14

2. Accreditation Status
- Accreditation Status
- Date of Next Visit

3. Fiscal Viability and State & Federal Programmatic Compliance
- Salary and Benefits
- Full-Time Equivalent Students
- Annual Operating Excess/Deficiency
- Fund Balance
- Cash Balance
- Audit Findings

The following link includes the framework and college goals that have been adopted by Solano Community College:
SCC IEPI Indicators

For more information on the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative, please visit the following websites:

California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, Institutional Effectiveness Division:

Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative Advisory Committee, Framework of Indicators:

Enroll Now in Solano Summer Launch!

Are you ready to launch your next step in college or career? These short term summer offerings are designed to help you brush up and develop skills that will provide you with the foundations for success in your next successful educational or job-related journey!

Math 305 – Prepare for Math Success (.5 Unit)
This course will help new math students interpret their assessment test scores and evaluate their current level of mathematical knowledge. Throughout the course, students will review topics from math courses previously complete, and improve math study skills.

Outcomes – Students will:
• Identify and critique current math study skill habits.
• Identify at least one new valuable math study skill and implement its use while reviewing math content in preparation for their first math course at Solano.

Main Campus – June 22-25; 9-10:50 AM (CRN 60405) – Instructor: Genele Rhoades
Vallejo Center – July 6-9; 6-7:50 PM (CRN 60406) – Instructor: Genele Rhoades
Fairfield Suisun Adult School – Aug. 3-6; 3-4:50 PM (CRN 60407) – Instructor: Barbara Villatoro

Business 100 – Work Readiness (1.5 Units) – Instructor Adrienne Cary
This course covers the process of assessing the job market and completing a resume and application. Topics include how to be successful on the job and to gain satisfaction and rewards from work. The skills needed in the workplace are emphasized along with the social and communication skills, personal characteristics and habits, and expectations of the employer.
Outcomes – Students will:
• Identify the role and responsibilities of the working professional
• Develop and prepare a resume and letter of application; develop interview skills
• Demonstrate effective communication techniques
• Identify traits of an ethical employee
• Develop and use proper telephone techniques
• Establish effective time management techniques
Main Campus – July 27-30 and Aug 3-6; 6PM-8:50 PM (CRN 60408)
Fairfield Suisun Adult School – July 27-30 and Aug 3-6; 9AM- 11:50 PM (CRN 60410)
Vallejo Center – July 27-30 and Aug 3-6; 1PM-3:50 PM (CRN 60409)

Business 181 – Business Math (1 Unit ) – Instructors: Lavonne Slator
This course requires students to apply essential mathematical skills necessary for success in business. Includes a review of fractions, decimals, percent, ratios, the percentage formula, and general business applications, The course also reviews advanced business applications such as interest, discount, markup, payroll, pricing policies, cash and trade discounts, and financial statements. This is a self-paced, programmed learning class.
Outcomes – Students will:
• Analyze basic formulas and apply the principles to percentage and interest problems.
• Develop basic mathematical skills.
• Comprehend how to apply basic mathematical principles to common business problems.

Vallejo Center – June 15-19, June 22-25, June 29-July 2; 9AM-12:15PM (CRN 60412)
Fairfield Suisun Adult School –June 15-19, June 22-25 and June 29-July 2; 5PM -8:15 PM (CRN 60413)

CIS 060 Introduction to the Internet (1.5 Units)
This course is designed to prepare students to use the Internet, a worldwide computer network. Emphasis is on introducing features of the Internet, including electronic mail, the World Wide Web, Gopher, FTP (file transfer protocol), Telnet, and Usenet, as well as other Internet services and utilities. Students will explore hands-on the vast resources of the Internet, learn to access information using a variety of methods, and will construct a simple web page. Emphasis will be placed on hands-on projects, student presentations, and class exercises.
Outcomes – Students will:
• Describe the hardware and software requirements needed to connect to the Internet.
• Understand Internet addresses and on-line routing.
• Demonstrate an awareness of Internet etiquette by applying “Netiquette” principles.
• Connect to the Internet and send, receive, store, and forward mail including file attachments using both FTP mail and a commercial e-mail package.
• Locate a file at a remote site, and using ftp (file transfer protocol), transfer that file to a local computer.
• Use Telnet to access a variety of host computers and display directory and file information of the host.
• Locate and subscribe to a listserv.
Vacaville Center (Annex) – July 13-July 23; 9:00 AM – 11:50 AM (CRN 60414) – Instructor: K. Callison
Fairfield Suisun Adult School – July 13-July 23; 3-5:50 PM (CRN 60415) – K. Callison

SCC Approved to Offer Bachelor’s Degree Program!

The Board of Governor’s for the California Community Colleges approved Solano Community College to provide a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomanufacturing to begin in the 2017-18 academic year. SCC will join 14 other community colleges in the Baccalaureate Degree Pilot Program. Dr. Laguerre stated, “It is a great day and a tremendous honor for SCC to be recognized as being worthy of offering a bachelor’s degree. It is a testimony of how far we have come as a college over the past six years. With faculty, staff, students, governing board and administrative dedication, we have transformed SCC into one of the best community colleges in California. This is a just reward to Solano County and Winters voters who believed in us and gave us Measure Q. This great bachelor’s degree program will be housed in one of the new buildings to be constructed with Measure Q funds. A big kudo to Drs. Crawford, Minor, Re, and Yu as well as Professor DeKloe for submitting a great proposal in the second round to get us this degree.”

Dr. John Yu, Dean of Math and Sciences, added, “This is another stamp of approval of the great programs offered at SCC. Being one of the 15 community colleges to offer a Baccalaureate degree shows that Solano College is among the best in California Community Colleges and is further evidence that SCC is on an upward trajectory and move in the right direction.” He was joined at the Board of Govenor’s meeting with President of the Board of Trustees A. Marie Young, Professor Jim DeKloe, and Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Leslie Minor.

Dr. Minor shared, “I am very excited about this opportunity for our students at Solano CC to prepare for technical careers in family wage jobs that address the needs of our industry partners in the region.”

Solano joins MiraCosta College (Oceanside, Ca) in offering the Biomanufacturing program.

SCC to Host Super Saturday Enrollment Event

Solano Community College (SCC) will be hosting a Super Saturday for all incoming college students on May 16th. Students will receive Orientation, Assessment and Counseling Services. In addition, Admissions, Class Registration and Financial Aid staff will be on hand to assist students. The event begins at 9am and is taking place at SCC’s Main Campus, 4000 Suisun Valley Road, Fairfield. This is for all incoming Solano Community College students that want to register for summer and fall classes. Lunch will be provided, so parents and educators please encourage your student to attend!

Peter Petty and his Titans of Terpsichore to Perform at Solano

FAIRFIELD, CA, MAY 4, 2015: Peter Petty and his Titans of Terpsichore will perform at the Solano Community College Gymnasium in Fairfield on May 15th, 2015. Come enjoy an evening of Big Band music.
This will be a special and fun event planned for faculty, staff, students and the general public. It will be a great way to end the semester.

Peter Petty is the band leader that coined the adage “There are no small rooms, just louder ones.” Charged with reinterpreting music that scintillates, syncopates, and educates, Mr. Petty swings out with the frenetic elegance of a Tasmanian devil in a tuxedo, leading some of the finest stewards of Jazz & Swing to piggyback on the shoulders of such giants as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Mildred Bailey, Cab Calloway, Louie Prima, and even David Bowie! Truly the consummate entertainer, and singing every note of his 3 2/3 octave range with inexhaustible power and captivating control, it’s an infectious, eclectic, electric mash-up that not only connects the dots between seemingly disparate musical genres, but does it with an adventurous and hilarious theatricality that entertains the “swell” out of audiences of all ages.

Dance lessons for East Coast Swing take place from 7:00 pm -8:00 pm and Dancing and Listening are from 8:00 pm -10:00 pm. Tickets are available in advance for $10.00 and will be $15.00 at the door.
For further information contact: Professor Ginger Cain at (707) 864-7000, extension 4348.

SCC Softball and Baseball Conference Tournaments Set to Begin

The Solano Community College (SCC) Women’s Softball had a stellar season, with a final conference record of 20-0, clinching their 10th consecutive Bay Valley Conference Championship. Several team members have received recognition from the Bay Valley Conference. Andrinae White received Player of the Year, All-State Team, and National Fastpitch Coaches Association All-American Team honors. Alesia Selden received Pitcher of the Year recognition, and also received All-State Team recognition. Additional students who were recognized for outstanding team play include:

• Aleyna Benipayo, 1st Team Bay Conference and All-State Team
• Stephanie Cello, 1st Team Bay Conference and All-Northern California Team
• Brittany Jacobsen, 1st Team Bay Conference
• Denali Smith, 1st Team Bay Conference
• Jade Bactad, 2nd Team Bay Conference

The Falcon Softball Team is seeded #7 in the North region. The Falcons will host a best of 3 series for the post-season regional round 1 tournament when they will play #10 West Valley College at home on Saturday, May 2nd at 2 pm and Sunday, May 3rd at 12 pm.

The Solano College Baseball Team has completed their 2015 regular season schedule as well. The Falcons won their 6th Bay Valley Conference Title, in the past 9 years. The team finished 6th in the Power Rankings, and were awarded the 7th seed in the California Community College Playoffs, and the right to host. The Falcons have had some student-athletes already committed to four-year institutions. Infielder Alvaro Rubalcaba signed a letter of intent for CSU Northridge. Rubalcaba, a Vanden High School alum, is considered by some to be the best defender in the state. Outfielder Dareion Evans has signed with Texas Southern University. The 3-time President’s Award winner prepped at Rodriquez High and will be a great addition to the Tigers program. Jacob Pavlosky, (Albany High) has committed to University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff. The outfielder will try to be a key contributor for the Golden Lions.

The Falcons Baseball team will play host this weekend to #10 Ohlone College. The Renegades were co-champions of the Coast Pacific Conference and boasted a record of 26-10. It should be a great series between the two teams. Nathan Jenest (5-2), will get the start for the Falcons. Jeremy Jacobs (4-1) will get the ball for the Renegades. The first pitch is 2pm on Friday.

Tickets to these games are $7 for students with ID, faculty, children under age 12 and seniors. General admission is $10.

For tournament information, contact Claire Gover at or (707) 864-7119