Technical Classes


Spring 2017 Overview

THEA 003  Stagecraft. Students will be introduced to the backstage aspects of production by participating in the planning, design, construction and painting of the current college production.

THEA 047  Technical Theatre in Production. The student will gain practical experience in the application of production responsibilities including construction, scenic painting, lighting, audio, costuming, properties and house management. Students are given an increasing level of responsibilities in accordance to their abilities.

THEA 032  Fundamentals of Costume Design. Students will study history, design and basic construction techniques as an introduction to theatrical costuming while creating costumes for the current production. Emphasis will be on research, rendering and storyboards, and character analysis.

THEA 010  Theatre History 1. Students will study the origins of the theatre up to and including the 17th century. Plays are analyzed to explore the relationships of drama to social, cultural and political conditions of the time.

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