Audition time


This fall we have two shows for you to choose from, or you could even perform in both as they don’t conflict!  See synopses below!

Auditions will be via self-tape submissions.  All self-tapes are due by Wednesday, August 17th at 6PM.  Call backs will be in-person August 18th at 6PM.  Click the link below for paperwork and details for audition submission requirements for both shows.




Pinned Butterfly Logo (1)


Pinned Butterfly – by Adam Esquenazi Douglas, Directed by Trey Reeves

PLOT: A local gay pride group arranges a pride march, but their leader, Michael Cutter, wants to make it about something more personal. As Cutter tries to lead a war against the bisexual community, members of his group begin to have realizations about themselves and each other, while also being torn apart by the conflict and hate that Cutter insists is necessary.


  • Ignacio “Iggy” Janus – Half-Hispanic, Male, Bisexual. Dating Tom and has a dry, sarcastic, amicable personality.
  • Delenn Sheridan – Female, Bisexual. A young, naive artist who wishes people paid more attention to her words than her paintings. Dating Jolene and wishes for more in life.
  • Michael Cutter – Homosexual Male. A very bitter and angry man who cares deeply about his community, but can be incredibly standoffish about his beliefs.
  • Thomas “Tom” Kovacs – Homosexual Male. Iggy’s boyfriend. In a relationship nearing its end, easily swayed and gullible.
  • Jolene Kennedy – Homosexual Female. Agrees strongly with Cutter. Struggles with alcoholism and is deeply in love with Delenn.
  • Joyas – Hispanic Homosexual Male. Incredibly flamboyant radio show host. Energetic, fun, and doesn’t really take things seriously.
  • Wing/Constance – Wing is a younger traveler searching for wisdom. Constance is Constance Lloyd, the historical wife of Oscar Wilde.
  • Oscar/Vidal – Oscar is Oscar Wilde, famed Irish playwright and historical LGBT+ figure. Vidal is Gore Vidal, famous American bisexual author.
  • Teller/Buckley – Teller is a Native American shaman who informs Wing of the concept of a two-spirit. Buckley is William F. Buckley, American conservative author.



Immaculate – by Oliver Lansley, Directed by Christine Mani

PLOT: A laugh-out-loud comic and contemporary variation on the virgin birth in which a young woman finds her life spiraling into confusion when she wakes up one morning, unaccountably pregnant.

You’re young, free and single and haven’t had sex for the last eleven and a half months, then one morning you wake up pregnant and to make matters worse the Angel Gabriel is on your doorstep claiming parentage…


Mia – A bright woman from England who is a part-time dominatrix to make ends meet and finds herself miraculously 6 months pregnant beside not having had sex in over a year.  Presents female. – 20s -30s
Rebecca – Mia’s intense and fast-talking best friend who hates babies due to a repeated nightmare, and who is keeping a secret from Mia.  – 20s-30s
Gabriel – Archangel.  Yup, that type.  A messenger.  Still getting used to the modern world.  Any gender. –  Any age
Lucifer – Yup, THAT Lucifer.  Smooth and well spoken.  Could present any gender. – Any age
Michael – Mia’s moody ex-boyfriend who can’t seem to get past her.  Presents male. – 20s-30s
Gary Goodman – a slimy, lecherous bar fly with coordination problems.  Presents male. – 20s-30s
The actors playing Rebecca, Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer also double as a Greek Chorus.