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Measure Q Update

Solano County and Winters Citizens Invested in the Future with Measure Q

How does SCC justify the voter approved Measure Q for $348M in bond funds, and what is the College doing with some of these funds to date?

The Measure Q investment the citizens of Solano County and Winters have made in the Solano Community College District (SCCD) is paying off already.   Our proposition before voters was to improve our career programs, enhance transfer programs, to fund basic skills opportunities and to construct state-of-the-art mathematics, science, and biotechnology facilities.  We are already making good on these intentions as shown below.

Career Programs: The College has put forward funding for the Automotive Technology Training program in Vallejo, a program that was on our discontinuance list.   With our efforts underway to build a state-of-the-art auto tech program, students have already enrolled in the program even before classes started.

Middle College Program:  High School students from the Vacaville Unified School District can now earn college credits and will soon be housed at the Vacaville Center.  Fairfield is to follow the same direction in Fall 2014 as we initiate that much needed project

Job Skills: With biotechnology companies in the County expanding their production, there is a great need to build a biotech workforce.  Our SCC biotechnology program is currently beyond its capacity to meet these workforce needs.  Increased funding to develop our Biotechnology Training Center in Vacaville is a direct result of the passage of Measure Q.  

Transfer: We have a high demand for transfer courses in many disciplines, and especially in the sciences. The construction of our state-of-the-art Mathematics and Science buildings in Fairfield will allow us to meet the growing demands for these, and other, transfer courses.

SCC has deliberately elected to not tie our hands with an exact list of Measure Q projects.  Instead we have taken the time to carefully research exactly how we will best spend your tax dollars, and have kept in mind the potential for projects that were “on the horizon,” but not finalized, as we worked to pass the Measure Q bond.  We did not know prior to the passage of the Bond, for example, that we might materialize a project such as an aircraft manufacturer in Vacaville, or that we were prepared to commit to the Jimmy Doolittle Education Center. We have followed an approach that allows for adding projects, while at the same time, fulfilling the letter and the spirit of the Bond’s declared projects and their funding.

The community has trusted the College to wisely manage the Bond funds and to put their tax dollars to the best use possible.  Our estimated need prior to the bond campaign was about $475M.  As we polled likely voters, we found out that they would support up to $350M.  That is how we ended up with $348M.  We intend to seek matching funds to realize the majority of what we need over the next thirty years.

With a thoughtful Governing Board and a prudent Administration, we will meet the needs and expectations of our College and our community in grand fashion!