Program Description

Students may select from three music programs – Instrumental, Theory-Composition, or Vocal.  Music majors are urged to take class lessons or private instruction in their specialization each semester.

Additional Program Information

If you are considering music study for self-enrichment to fulfill general education requirements in preparation for a career in music then consider the music program at Solano Community College.  Course offerings are diverse and teaching is specifically designed to develop your talents to accomplish your goals.

You may perform in a variety of vocal and instrumental ensembles-several are award winning-tailored to your style preference and ability level.  Theory and history courses will enhance your performing experiences through musicianship development.  You may explore and refine your creative skills in courses like Composition and Arranging, Songwriting, Improvisation , Sound Recording and MIDI.  Guest artists, regularly scheduled each semester, will perform in concert and then discuss their careers with you in an informal setting.  Finally, monthly recitals will enable you to share your talents with live audiences composed of music students, faculty and friends.

If you are concerned about transfer credit, Solano Community College provides fully accredited music courses equivalent to the first two years of study at most four-year universities and conservatories.  For the music major the curriculum is professionally oriented to prepare you for transfer and eventual employment in the music industry.

Music Department faculty members are composers and performing artists as well as specialists in their teaching fields.  All are actively involved in music and professional activities in Solano County and in the greater Bay Area.


Performing, conducting and composing are the most visible career areas in music.  But dozens of opportunities exist in related areas that also demand high levels of musical knowledge and competence.  For example, in the education field there are music teaching, supervising and administrating position in both the private and public sectors.  In business there are music jobs in retailing, wholesaling and manufacturing.  There are career possibilities in instrument building, tuning and repair, music publishing, music criticism for newspapers and magazines, recording and producing and music therapy, to list just a few.  Not only are there endless variations of these areas, but new job possibilities emerge with each new technological advance, new teaching technique, new marketing idea.

If you have the talent, the imagination, the determination and the perseverance to accomplish your musical goals, then there is much room for you in the music industry.  What’s more, Solano Community College Music Department offers you quality education in a stimulating environment to ensure your musical success.