A study of drawing as a means of expression with emphasis on the potential variety of forms and materials available to the artist. Students will create representational and abstract drawings from still life, the figure, nature and imagination. Observational drawing skills and technical skills will be developed. Problems in observation and imagination and the translation of these experiences into graphic terms by exploration of line, shape, mass, space, texture, and light and shadow. Emphasis on composition and the development of a personal approach to drawing.


A study of acrylic, oil and watercolor painting techniques focusing on color theory, composition, exposure to a variety of subject matters, and the development of skills for individual expression.


Screen printing techniques from paper stencils and pochoir to photographic and digital processes. Students are expected to develop a portfolio of prints that emphasizes the exploration of personal content while employing advanced screen techniques and related digital processes. The course will consist of studio production, lectures on contemporary and historical screen printing, demonstrations and critiques.


Covers construction methods of hand building, wheel throwing and finishing pottery. Emphasis on form, craftspersonship and creativity. Building methods include pinch technique, coil building, slab construction. Surface techniques include texture, stencil, slip, relief, stain, and glaze. Non-traditional construction and surface techniques will also be covered.


Introduction to sculpture concepts, materials, and approaches with an emphasis on ceramics. Subjects to be covered include: Historic and contemporary approaches to ceramic sculpture, slab construction, coil building, mold making, extruded fabrication, modeling from the figure, introduction to ceramic color, characteristics and limitations of ceramic materials.

Graphic Design

Instruction in the professional use of design, lettering, and illustration through solution of visual communication problems. Computer design and production methods for print and digital mediums using Macintosh computers and Adobe and other software programs for layout, illustration, typography, and animation. Graphic design principles are stressed.


Problems in design and rendering of illustration for print and film media. Projects may include illustrations for books, magazines, advertising and film. Studio illustration conception, production and finish. Students will execute illustration projects using professional procedures and equipment. Emphasis is on student creative and technical development.

Art History

Explores the history of art in the Western World from the Paleolithic era through the Middle Ages. Focuses on the interrelation of art and culture, with a comparative study of select works of non-Western art. Explores the history of Western Art through a critical analysis of Renaissance art through Post-Modern Art. Students will examine the connection between art and culture, and evaluate the historic, religious, and political influences on the artistic choices of diverse men and women of art history from the 15th century to today.