The Art Department at Solano Community College provides a challenging, supportive, and invigorating environment in which students may find the path towards fulfilling their highest potential—as members of the Solano community, and as creative individuals.

We deeply believe that student success depends upon building a strong foundation, composed of three essential principles: daring, diversity, and discipline.

Daring means the willingness to take intellectual risks—to move beyond that which is comfortable and familiar. Growth as an artist, and as an individual, requires the courage to adopt new perspectives, to try new approaches, and to expose oneself to the possibility of failure. We are committed to supporting the student through this risk-taking process, and strongly believe that this approach will result in work demonstrating depth, personality, and professionalism.

Diversity is a key to success in the 21st century. From world art history to raku firing, our art classes give students the opportunity to experience and integrate widely disparate ways of thinking and modes of doing. Students who learn to think both critically and creatively can problem-solve in unfamiliar territory, and are far better equipped to thrive in a diverse and ever-changing world.

Discipline is at the core of our program. Focus, determination, and the consistent application of time and effort will yield more fruit than any amount of natural ability. Practice, patience, and persistence are the core components of a successful art practice. It’s the job of the the faculty and arts staff to sharpen the tools of both mind and hand which are at the student’s disposal. It’s the student’s job to seize the opportunity, use the tools, and build a foundation in the arts that will last a lifetime.

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